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MORTEM Exhibition, London

MORTEM is a sensorial and intimate exhibition I designed, curated, and produced at ONEROOM Gallery in Shoreditch London. It proposes a new perspective toward death with four different design interventions: Allowing ourselves to feel, Fear of death, Celebrating life, and an exploration of the afterlife, in conversation with art pieces from multidisciplinary artists and designers.

In order to create a multisensorial exhibition and experience the topic in unexpected and enriching ways, 4 artists were invited to question their own experiences with death and exhibit their work. MORTEM extended to the audience as an exploration, halfway between personal memory and collective experience with an open exhibition full of emotions, intimacy, and complicity.


Commissioned art pieces from Mae Chan, Shirui Yang, Marco Ferraro, and Pierre Engelhard.

Photos by Ahad Mahmood and Marco Da Re.

Exhibition | Curatorial



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