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My work focuses on discovering and understanding some of the "Intangibles" design has, and how they can influence positively our life. These intangibles are the emotions and feelings we undergo, the experiences we live, our innate appreciation for beauty, and the meaning-making processes defined by our social semiotics and collective behaviors.

For me, it is important that every project has a balance between rigor and poetic. This way of approaching my projects led me to explore Experience Design and Curation as mediums to showcase my work. 

MA by the Royal College of Art

MSc by the Imperial College London

Profile Image, Aura Murillo.jpg

Relevant Experience

RCA, Grand Challenge (2023) - Judge

ONEROOM Gallery, London (2021) - Assistant Curator

ELISAVA Research, Decoding Well-Being, Barcelona (2019): Researcher in design and emotions

Normann Copenhagen, Copenhagen (2018) - Design Intern

Exhibitions and Features


Co-founder and Head of Experience and Service Design of Resting Reef Limited (2021)

Strong skills

Design and conceptualization of projects 

Management and production of experiences 


Visual Identity

Dream clients

Galleries and museums

Artists and Designers

Fashion Brands

Editorial / Magazines

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