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MORTEM Exhibition, Singapore

In parallel with the MORTEM exhibition happening in London, an opportunity to collaborate with the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore to create an audiovisual piece meant the possibility of creating a parallel exhibition in Singapore exploring another perception of death based on the beliefs of the South-Eastern world.

The project was made in collaboration with Pierre Engelhard and Nicola Perikhanyan, and it was exhibited on a screen 15 meters wide by 2 meters high. It explored the path from the underworld, usually represented with water elements, to earth with mandala representations of the cosmos, and finally the achievement of enlightenment. The project was kindly supervised by Ina Conradi and Adeleine Daysor from NTU Singapore.


Video edited by Pierre Engelhard

Acknowledgements: Ina Conradi and Adeleine Daysor

Exhibition | Curatorial


January 2022

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