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The Data Box

A content-agnostic, interactive, portable installation for kids that acts as a teaser for a topic or exhibition.

It gathers trends on the subject knowledge, opinions, and behaviors of visitors to an exhibition or pop-up space, and enables users to compare said trends across all visitors, whilst simultaneously offering learning opportunities on the given subject.

We created a welcoming semi-open space by using metal framing and adding playfulness via colorful acrylic transparent shapes.

People understand more and engage with data for longer when embodied interactions are employed and a personal connection to the data is established. Data Box allows users explore data from across all visitors by moving their bodies - through gesture, and proximity.


Collaboration: Ilayda Kal, Luisa Charles, Eve Lerouge, Sarah Dodge
Renders by Ilayda Kal

Pop-up Exhibition | Concept

Client: National Science Museum, Thailand


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