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RCA 2023 SHOW, Curation and Design

The RCA 2023 Graduation Show presented the final projects of Global Innovation Design and Innovation Design Engineering students, two Master's programmes from the leading universities Royal College of Art and Imperial College London. It was a week-long exhibition presented at the Truman Brewery in London, with more than 70 design projects ranging from new materials, "meta-muffins", and AI immersive experiences, to cutting-edge engineering innovations. For this project, I was in charge of the curation, coordination of graphic design + show identity and display design.


The exhibition was divided into themes, each represented by a colour within the show identity palette, and two icons were designed to represent each of the Master's programmes. Projects were exhibited on a metallic module designed to be easy to build and that allowed students to explore with display heights and configurations.

Project Managers: Charlotte Slingsby, Audrey Gaulard and Gareth Loudon

Collaborators: Arnau Donate Duch

Graphic Design: Lorena G. Ortiz

Photos: Josh Croll

Student credits: Sarah Dodge, Marie Munzi, Maroa-Isabell, Hunaid Nagaria, Sachin Mehra, Jing Liau and Fergus Laidlaw

Exhibition | Curatorial

Client: RCA, ICL


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